Civil Unions

We proudly support all couples in marriage, and as such we perform commitment and marriage ceremonies for all couples and pride ourselves on being inclusive, flexible, and creative when creating a customized ceremony for each couple.

As with a classic wedding for a heterosexual couple we offer several different types of ceremonies. Just as a heterosexual couple, a same sex couple has the right to more than just the standard registry office marriage with off-the-shelf vows and a set format. You should be able to have the most outrageous, flamboyant, classic or most intimate of occasions, with a day that is all about the two of you as a couple.  We can help you create your own personalised wedding ceremony. It’s your day so we do it your way. You can have your wedding ceremony wherever you like. You may wish to choose a woodland setting, a field, a beach, your own back garden (or ours) - the possibilities are endless. You can also have your ceremony on a day that suits you and a time chosen by you.

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Marriage Registrations


You don’t need a wedding ceremony to be legally married.

Perhaps you’ve been together so long that the idea of even a small wedding seems totally off-putting, or perhaps you have already had your traditional wedding but not yet concluded the legal registration.

You may want to sneak off quietly and register your marriage without anyone knowing. Whatever the circumstances, we offer quick registrations at our office, or if you are being married by an unlicensed officiant, we travel to your wedding and take care of the registration during or after the ceremony.  This option offers no ceremony, ring exchanges, vows or other extras - strictly limited to declarations and signing of register. While this is simply a legal undertaking, we will make every effort to create a warm and engaging experience to honour the occasion and, if you prefer to make it a little more special, we offer packages that include saying the legal stuff under the arch in our quaint garden in Ballito.


We offer several types of ceremonies, such as: Spiritual, Religious, Non-Religious, Non Denominational as well as Unity Ceremonies. Your choice is your own decision and we will totally adhere to your wishes. The actual delivery of the ceremony is most important and we believe the role of an Officiant is not only to write emotional and meaningful words, but also to captivate the guests with the love story that is being told. We will creatively weave into the ceremony a sentimental, humorous, and, of course, romantic story about the couple and engage everyone with the charismatic way in which it is told. This personal touch makes each and every ceremony totally unique. We endeavour to draw on all the emotions, from tears to laughter.  The day of your wedding is unique, and who you choose to perform your wedding ceremony is the most important part of your entire wedding plans; We know that you want that day to be unforgettable and we take pride on providing a service that will meet your expectations.  We offer uniquely customized or traditional wedding ceremonies. Your day -  your way.

Wedding Ceremonies


Little Tuscany offers it’s quaint pool-side garden to host your micro wedding. Featuring intimate boutique-style garden weddings, this tiny little venue accommodates up to 14 guests who you can bring along with you to enjoy a brief but meaningful ceremony.  

For those seeking something truly intimate but special without the fuss and expense of a regular wedding, Little Tuscany is the perfect spot for a couple who would prefer to keep a shorter guest list for the ceremony & then move on to a separate venue for the reception. We offer a relaxed, casual, uniquely intimate experience. Arrive with your guests, enjoy a brief ceremony during which you will exchange vows and rings, go through the required legalities, sign the register, enjoy a relaxed photo shoot & then move on to your reception venue. We will ensure you have an enjoyable experience to cherish.  No-fuss, easy cost effective way to get married. Various packages and options to choose from in order to tailor-make your won micro garden wedding to remember.

Little Tuscany

Micro Weddings


One-hour elopement

Micro weddings

In the midst of the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak, you may want to elope and get married with complete privacy with an intimate gathering of your closest family members. Little Tuscany is perfect. Run away to Ballito for a romantic, stress free & personal elopement wedding. Our elopement package is specifically designed to accommodate simple, quick yet meaningful ceremonies and modest budgets, Little Tuscany offers a One-hour elopement package for those seeking alternative wedding options that break with tradition. Think small, laid-back, hassle-free, affordable, yet without compromising the beauty and very special feel of your wedding or vow renewal. We offer great value for money. We've put together everything you'll need in one place for your perfect micro elopement wedding. Being more ceremony-focused than anything else, we ensure that although it's a "quickie", it will still be special and meaningful. It’s all about just the two of you plus up to 14 guests enjoying a relaxed, special and intimate experience you’ll remember forever.

Vow Renewals / Non-Legal  Weddings

A vow renewal is a wonderful and romantic way to mark a milestone anniversary such as the 10th, 25th or 50th.  It can also be a time for spouses to recommit to one another after a period of separation or marital disharmony.  It's saying "I do" to the same person all over again; re-dedicating yourself to that person and reaffirming your commitment to one another.  Your vow renewal can be similar to your wedding ceremony or something completely new and different. It can be a chance to have the dream wedding you didn't have before but always wanted. You can now involve your children and take advantage of some of the fun technologies that may not have been around when you first married.  For instance, your children are probably adults or teens by now. Why not include them as the best man and maid of honour. Why not hashtag, tweet or Face Book Live your ceremony to distant friends and relatives as it happens? Contact us for help with planning your vow renewal ceremony.

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